Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why plus size?

So, I'm watching the tube and a commercial comes on. It's one of those Victoria Secret commercials that's supposed to be about the bra the women are wearing. Yeah, right. They're pouting into the camera, and whispering, like that's going to tell any woman that the bra will support her boobs. So, whatever floats your boat. The thing is, Lane Bryant had a commercial on with plus size women wearing lingerie. They weren't pouting for the camera, or whispering like they were in some Skinamax movie. They were planning their wardrobes and such. But here's the thing, they removed that commercial from the airwaves because they said it was too provocative. What?
So Victoria's Secret can have size twos strutting their stuff for the camera, but having a fuller figure is too provocative? Or perhaps they should say what they mean. The fuller figures are just too damn sexy. Yeah, I said it. Society can wax on and on all they want about how a fuller figure isn't sexy, but we all know better. There is a size for every body and every body has a size.
You might ask why am I venting? Well, here it is. I was once told years ago (I won't say who said it, but suffice it to say it was a large publishing company I had sent a query letter to with three initials) that writing about plus size characters was a waste of time because no one will want to read about that subject. It was a fetish. There was no genre for the type of book I wrote. I didn't stop writing, but I was reluctant to send anything in for years!
I was an avid reader of romance. Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, were some of my favorite authors. But I couldn't connect to the characters. They were all small, petite, white, and rich. I'm not saying it was a bad thing. I enjoyed reading their books. But they were too perfect. I started to think that love couldn't be possible unless you fit into that mold. I became disenchanted. But it was the spark I needed to pick up a pen and write what I wanted to read. And it actually was a pen. My first book I ever wrote was longhand on a set of five, one-inch thick, legal notepads.
I also write about interracial, multiracial, biracial characters. Why? Because the world is too diverse to limit ourselves to one race, ethnicity, or culture. So, this goes out to all black women who believe that since I am a black woman I should only write about black characters. I embrace diversity, sensuality, love, and eroticism for every woman but especially for the plus size woman that has always felt forgotten, or not sexy enough to attract the hunky man in the book they were reading. My characters aren't a size two. They might be a size 14, 16, 18, or a beautiful size 20.