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 “Oh my God! Why are you here? Please tell me nothing happened,” she said in a rush.
“Can I come in?” he asked her.
“Yes. Yes,” she said, standing aside to let him in. “Sorry.”
Logan walked in and took a seat at the small table by the window. He looked as though he wanted to tell her something, so she remained quiet, only hoping it was nothing bad.
“I need to tell you something,” he began.
“Oh God! Please tell me your mom is going to be okay.”
“Yes, she’s fine,” he said with a look of worry. “That’s not it.”
“Is it your sister? Oh, I hope it isn’t your sister! Why didn’t you call me if—”
“Cadence!” he said to her finally before she went on any further. “I lied.”
Cadence stared at him quizzically. She sat down on the edge of the bed, continuing to stare at him. “Something did happen to your mother?”
“No. I lied about something happening to her. She wasn’t in an accident,” he sighed heavily. “She’s fine. I didn’t go home.”
Cadence shook her head, as if trying to clear it of the confusion she was feeling. “I don’t understand. Why would you lie about something like that?”
“I know,” he said agreeing with her. “It was horrible, and I’ve already made my peace with that. I’ve called my mother and my sister. They’re fine. I had to tell this one lie to you because I know what you would have tried to do if I hadn’t. I hope you can forgive me after you know why I lied.”
She hated to be lied to above anything else. Above her last boyfriend cheating on her, that wasn’t the betrayal she had felt. It wasn’t the fact that he was fucking some woman behind her back, it was the fact that he lied to her. That had been the betrayal. It wasn’t the fact that Grayson was not her father, it was that she had been lied to for so many years.
She sat silently, staring at him. “Say something,” he said to her.
“I’m waiting,” she said matter-of-factly. “You said that I would forgive you if I knew why. I’m waiting to hear why.”
Logan ran a hand down his face. “I needed to do some surveillance, Cadence.”
She pursed her lips, nodding her head. “Nope. Not buying that excuse. What else have you got?”
Logan grimaced and continued. “Well, I knew that if I told you the person I wanted to tail, you’d try to convince me not to, or try and come along. I couldn’t have that. I needed to tail Angel.”
“What? Angel?” She stood and started to pace around the room. “Angel is trying to help us. I asked him about Victor and he told me, Logan. If he was trying to hide something, why would he tell me anything?”
“Why are you willing to believe a man you only met four days ago?”


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“What I Need to Do”, she wrote down.
Get passport— find birth certificate first.
Her first number was 8. She perused the paper until she found the lottery section. 8.
Make appointment for possible shots—get physical anyway.
Her number, 17. 17.
Look on Internet for requirements to sub or teach in Australia.
29. 29.
Check on savings and checking account and see about a bank in Boongaral.
31. 31.
Pack up stuff or sell it.
48. 48.
Tell Reese.
11. 11.
She was about to put the paper away before it hit her. Grabbing the paper, she glared at the numbers on the page. 8, 17, 29, 31, 48, 11.
“Wait, wait, wait. Hold up, Anissa.” She took a deep breath, held it for a second before letting it out slowly. She calmly took her lottery ticket and laid it next to the numbers on the page, lining them up so her ticket was parallel to the numbers.
“8, 17, 29, 31, 48, 11,” she said aloud. She slowly went through the numbers again before screaming out into the room.


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“Whatever it was, I was damned sure glad of it. Shit, Sugar,” he took a last drag off of his butt and tossed it to the floor of the gazebo grinding it out with the heel of his boot. “Who would have thought coming home on leave would have had its perks? I would have taken anything you gave to me back then. And now,” he said, leveling a stare at her.
She smiled sweetly at him. “Stop it. We agreed that we didn’t want to ruin our friendship with anything complicated.”
“Yep. I know. That and the fact that your daddy and mama would have had a cow if you and me was to have gotten together.”
She grimaced then. It had been no secret that while the Pastor preached to his congregation about unity and loving their fellow man in the pulpit on Sundays, he harbored racism in his heart from years of discrimination and hate cultivated by his parents and their parents before him. Her parents would never outwardly say anything against Cord, or any of the other black families that lived in Tate. No, they greeted them with a smile when they were seen in town, or waved to them on the street if anyone was close by. But if their sweet baby girl was to go and fall for a black man, or even a bi-racial man like Cord Walker, they would just as soon die there where they stood. It was one of the reasons both Honey and Sweetie had moved as far away from Tate as they could.
“Yeah, they would have. But I really don’t care what they think, and you know that.” She said gazing at him intently.
“Yeah, I know. Plus, you were so tied up into havin’ your future with Mister Jace Holden, no one in the county could have ever come close to you.”
She glanced down at her watch. It was getting close to midnight. Even though she was a grown woman of twenty-two, her parents stood by that old adage of “my house, my rules”, and if she were not home before one, she would have to endure one of her father’s sermons about piety and purity on Sunday morning.
“Shit, I gotta go. Mama’s gonna go on about me bein’ out so late and then with who? And then what did I do? And on and on. Damn, I can’t wait to get the hell out of that house.”
She started to turn and leave when he gently caught her by the arm. “So, what if I said I wanted to see you now, Sugar?” Cord’s piercing gray-green eyes bore into her.
“Stop it,” she whispered slowly to him.
His hands ran up and down her arms, as he continued to stare down at her. “What if I said I got my sights on you, girl? What if I said I don’t care if you’re still all lovesick on Jace, but that I’m sweet on you Sugar Pye Sumner?”
She pulled away from him slowly, feeling the delicious flips and flutters in her stomach. She had to admit that only he could make her belly do cartwheels. But they had been friends. It was only a teenage girl’s fantasy to think that someone like Cord would want anything more than friendship with her. But she was no longer some naïve teenage girl. She was a grown woman. And the thought of Cord pursuing her was a definite boost to her self-esteem.
She pulled away from him smiling sweetly. “Maybe. What? Do you think I’m just gonna jump into your arms or somethin’?”
“Hell no, baby girl. But now that you know I got my eye on you, what do you plan on doin’ about it?”

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